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Bahasa Indonesia SMS Abbreviations Explained


Bahasa Indonesia is said to be one of the easiest languages in the world to learn. While true for the most part, Bahasa Indonesia has its own unique challenges to be conquered on the quest to fluency. Many people will take a class and get to a comfortable level of fluency in the classroom only to find that the Bahasa Indonesia that they hear on the street is entirely different. Others will get discouraged from having learned Bahasa Indonesia, only to realize that none of their friends are speaking it – opting for Bahasa Bali instead.

Generally though the biggest problem people have is deciphering SMS messages in Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesians tend to SMS as if they are being charged per the letter – leaving out virtually all vowels and as many characters as possible. The result is something that is hard to read for those that are still learning. It can’t even be put through a translator as abbreviated Bahasa Indonesia is still not recognized. To try to help those that are still learning I will make a list of the common abbreviations and then the long form words. (more…)