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Cost of Living in Bali: 2016 Price Guide

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Judging by the traffic that visited, the "2014 Living in Bali Price Guide" post became very popular.

But we are now 2016, so an update to the price guide was necessary.

(Note: 2018 update coming soon!)

In a nutshell:

Basically, everything became more expensive in Bali since 2014. Some quick examples:

  • Housing became a lot more expensive (except maybe the villa's & hotelrooms, which stayed at the same price level)
  • Transport costs (motorcycle, petrol) rose only a little
  • Chicken as a food, even doubled in price

But even though everything became more expensive... it doesn't necessarily mean the your actual cost of living in Bali would be higher too. It depends on the exchange rate of your currency (AUD or USD).

Exchange rates

Everything has gone up in price in rupiah, but the exchange rates can show a different picture.

At the moment 1 USD is worth about 14,000 IDR (whereas in 2014 it was somewhere around 12,000 IDR to the dollar).

And 1.00 AUD = 9,630.87 IDR now (in the beginning of january 2016), and that's essentially the same as it was in the same month in 2014.

So, for people using the US dollar, due to the exchange rate, things might even out, resulting in similar prices as in 2014.

However, for people using AUD, prices do have gone up. (Still cheaper compared to Australia though!)

Property & accommodation

Property price has gone up more than anything else on the island. The increase of tourists and expat wannabes staying in overpriced places has driven the price for almost all monthly accommodation in tourists areas sky-high.

I remember living in an air conditioned kos (premium) and paying 1.5 million per month. I am sure that that same room is now 2.5 million. Hotel prices remain competitive though due to their oversupply of rooms.


Western meals seem to have increased in price more so than other types of food. The presence of tourists and expats are probably driving up the prices, but it could also be due to the availability of gourmet ingredients and import product prices going up as well.​

Fruit juices in restaurants and warungs aimed at westerners are disgustingly overpriced usually. 25k and up for a single fresh juice is a bit excessive, considering that for that price you can buy 1-2kg of said fruit!

I suggest to only get fresh juices when they are normal price (7-10k, or up to 15-20k at the beach or remote location). It seems silly to pay 15k for a mango juice when your plate of nasi campur is also 15k!

Alcohol & beer

Cost of living in Bali: beer

Depending on your currency, beer may be cheaper or more expensive

The availability of alcohol has gone up, as well as the selection, and the price...

In the clubs, on the beach, and in bars the prices have gone up a bit more than I think they should have.

A small beer on any beach is 25k... You pay 12k when you buy at home and 16k in convenience stores, often just 10 meters from the beach.

The funny thing is that for people using the USD, the price of alcohol has actually gone down!

4 years ago the AUD and USD were inverse. A case of beer used to cost 240k rupiah but one USD only got you around 8k rupiah. Now they are 305k for a case but you get almost 14k for your US dollar… not a bad deal.

For people using AUD, alcohol & beer became more expensive, but maybe not that much. And it's still cheaper than in Oz!

Check the price guide below for detailed prices.

Cost of living in Bali: 2016 Price Guide

The prices of the goods and foods on this list have been checked in the beginning of january 2016.

Compared to 2014, I've added a few categories to the sheet: more supermarket food, as well as prices from the pasar (traditional market). I have also added some internet prices as a quick reference for people.

Note that the prices in USD, AUD and EUR are current on the day you read this. (The sheet pulls in the actual, current exchange rate today.)

-- main image: FreeImages.com/Philipp Zache

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