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Getting Around Bali [A guide to transportation in Bali]

Selamat datang ke Bali! (Or "Welcome to Bali!")
Now that you’re in Bali (or doing some pre-trip planning), you might be wondering just how you should be getting around Bali.


The choice(s) for transportation in Bali may seem very obvious to many, and extremely overwhelming to others. Getting around Bali might not be as simple, compared to what you are used to.

It is not as straightforward as renting an insured car at home, like you would if (more…)

The BaliManual Guide to Using Uber

As Uber (Grab, Gojek and other apps included) continues to linger in the local news, we thought you might benefit from some tips on how to use Uber in a way that will not attract the wrong kind of attention.

In Bali, taxi companies and local transportation groups despise Uber. They hate the effect this new company is having on their attempts at monopolizing certain markets. Illegally.


Uber in Bali – Why it shouldn’t be banned…

Why the Balinese ban on Uber is not a good thing (and why the country actually needs Uber or GrabTaxi).

Only several months after beginning operations in Bali, Uber (and GrabTaxi) has become a target of (more…)

Cost of Living in Bali: 2016 Price Guide

Judging by the traffic that visited, the "2014 Living in Bali Price Guide" post became very popular.

But we are now 2016, so an update to the price guide was necessary.

(Note: 2018 update coming soon!)

In a nutshell:


Life in Bali - 6 Tips to Help You Fit in

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’

That is a saying you may have heard.

And it's true, putting forth an effort to fit in in Bali will enrich both the quality of your life and help you gain respect from the locals.

So follow the tips below to help you make the most of your time in beautiful Indonesia. (more…)

Getting Health Insurance for Living in Bali


By far, one of the most common questions I receive about living in Bali has to do with health insurance. It’s a great question too - when you’re living in a new, fun and sometimes strange country it’s only natural to wonder how things might unfold in a medical emergency.

In the West, we have become quite used to having our health insurance taken care of for us. Whether you get health insurance through your job, or you’re lucky enough to live in a country where you get free healthcare, it’s possible you’ve never had to put too much thought into your health insurance plan before.

When you’re living in Bali though, either by yourself or with your family, not having any coverage can be quite dangerous and even downright foolish. While we would all like to believe nothing bad will ever happen to us, and we would certainly hope that’s the case, it’s always wise to be prepared for anything.

That’s why today we’ll be discussing health insurance options for expats in Bali, and how to make sure you’re covered in case of something unexpected. (more…)

2014 Cost of Living in Bali with Price Guide

Note: there is a 2016 version of the price list available. I'll give you the link. But before I do, I want to say it's still interesting to read the introduction article here on this page. It's just the price guide itself that you better view here: 2016 Price Guide

If you're interested in the cost of living in Bali, you'll probably also be interested in my book, The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Bali. In the book, I walk you through all the steps necessary to start planning out your new life in Bali, so you can hit the ground running without any hassles. Check it out if you're considering a move to Bali in your future.

Bali has always been known as a budget destination, especially if you’re coming from a country like Australia, America, Canada or England. These days, it’s still a budget-friendly destination, although it can be very easy to spend a lot of money if you’re not careful. It’s just as easy to come to Bali and live cheaply, as it is to come to Bali and spend more money than you do back home.


Is Bali Still a Good Place to Live as an Expat?

Thinking of moving to Bali? Don’t make things hard on yourself. Get The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Bali and learn how to make the move quickly and easily.

Ask an expat or long-term resident of Bali how much the island has changed in the last 10 years, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Many will tell you about how much more traffic there is now. Others will tell you about how much more expensive things are, and how a Bintang used to cost 50 cents. Most of them will talk about the “good ol’ days”.

Then some of the more positive expats will talk about how the internet and infrastructure has improved drastically in the past 10 years. Or how many more and varied facilities for everything from sports to leisure are available on the island. Or the vast selection of food and restaurants now available from practically every country around the world.

All of the examples above are completely true, although many expats will choose to answer that question while focusing solely on the positives or the negatives.

After recently spending several months away from Bali while traveling, upon my return I was forced to reassess the island of Bali and expat life here in a whole new light. I’ve always truly loved living in Bali, but being able to compare it so directly to so many new places exposed a few of the island’s shortcomings. Those shortcomings were easy to recognize while away, but when I returned, I remembered immediately why so many expats call Bali home. (more…)

The Problem (and Solution) With Arak in Bali


Warning: Despite any comments in this post, whether positive or negative regarding arak, it is largely unregulated in Bali and should be consumed at your own risk.

Have you ever wondered how they are able to sell cocktails so cheaply in Bali while liquor prices are through the roof? Or have you ever seen a group of men gathered on the street drinking a mysterious liquid in shot glasses and wondered what it was? The answer to both questions is arak - the traditional Balinese liquor that derives from the palm tree. It has been described as strong, foul, great for a night out but also -- deadly. Is it really though, or is the media getting people all worked up over nothing? (more…)

What's So Bad About the Rainy Season in Bali?


Every year in Bali, usually somewhere in the months between December and April, rainy season hits.

It is definitely not like clockwork and can fluctuate a few months in either direction or skip completely only to bring lots of rain during the months of June to August, but when rainy season does hit, people take notice. Rainy season is currently in full swing here in Bali and just like almost anything else on the island, it’s all in what you make of it.